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Dukes have a long and proud history of producing superior quality cricket balls. Long used in England and the West Indies, Cricket Australia’s decision to use Dukes cricket balls in the Sheffield Shield from 2016/17 onwards being testament to their proven quality, performance and durability.

Manufactured to the very highest quality standards and consistency, Dukes cricket balls generally swing for a longer duration, maintain their shape and stitching and add to the vital balance between bat and ball.

An ever growing number of Australian clubs and schools have been seeing the advantages of using Dukes cricket balls. They present a fantastic opportunity to clubs, schools and associations to use a superior quality, more durable cricket ball at competitive prices.

Belter Sports is an Australian distributor for Dukes cricket balls. If your club, school or association would like to speak about using Dukes cricket balls – then please contact us or make your online order via the links below.

Visit the Dukes Australia website

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Dukes Cricket Balls
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