What is ClubShop?

ClubShop allows you to simplify your seasonal clothing and customised equipment order process. By using ClubShop, your customised teamwear and other items will be integrated into a specialised area of our website and made available for online purchase by your club members.

Benefits of Having a ClubShop

  • Significantly reduces workload for club officials and volunteers.
  • No more estimating bulk order volumes of club clothing.
  • No more estimating garment sizes for bulk orders and being left with excess or shortfalls in sizes.
  • No more dealing with and chasing individual payments from club members.
  • Reduced financial risk of being left with older, unsold stock.
  • We provide a centralised, user friendly platform to allow purchases of your chosen customised items.
  • Option to add a margin on top of our prices to enhance club funds.

How it Works?


Coordinate with us to confirm designs of teamwear and other items


We set up your ClubShop and place your items into a specialised area on our website


You provide club members with the link to view your items


Club members select sizes & quantities then proceed to the online checkout and purchase


We collate all individual orders and deliver all items to your club address

ClubShop Timing

The minimum turnaround-time for all custom orders is 4-5 weeks. For example, if your cricket season is due to commence in early October, a shop closing date of no later than 31 August is recommended to ensure all orders are received prior to the start of your season.

ClubShops can be reopened at any time for subsequent orders, keeping in mind minimum order volumes, but the 4-5 week turnaround time will still apply.


All ClubShop orders will be sent free of charge to a single club address. We will provide a list of customer names and order details to aid distribution of correct items.

Minimum Orders

If minimum order volumes are not met for particular items included in your ClubShop, additional items will have to be ordered to cover the shortfall and your club will be invoiced for the remaining items.

Refunds and Returns

As all items in ClubShop are made-to-order, no refunds or returns will be possible unless the item is damaged or an error has been made.